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We design IT and automation solutions
We help your company to increase efficiency, quality and security, optimizing and automating its resources to connect your business to the next level

Why Akana for API Management?

The Akana API Platform helps you create and publish secure, reliable APIs that are elegant, easy to consume, built the right way, and running as they should be.
Security: Protect your most important asset – your reputation.
Developer Engagement: Empower your development teams to deliver APIs and build a partner ecosystem.
DevOps Integration:Create, publish, discover, consume, and monitor APIs from a single UI.
API Analytics:Monitor the performance, availability, usage, and business aspect of your APIs.

A Better Way to Manage Your Omnichannel Orders

Customer Experience and Profitability
Achieve the perfect balance, in less time than you’d think.
Product Availability
Show customers what’s in stock at their local store so they’re more likely to complete the sale.
Distributed Order Management
Manage orders and returns across all your distribution centers, stores and drop shippers.
Global Inventory
See a real-time view of all your inventory and increase what you have available to sell.
Store Fulfillment
Use your stores as mini-DCs for ‘Click and Collect’ and ‘Ship from Store‘ orders.

We build the future of commerce.
Trade evolved rapidly. But dealing with various applications and platforms to manage different sales channels creates barriers to the evolution of global operations.

We have a global ecosystem of resellers, implementers, integrators, and development to scale our solutions. We generate business for our partners, quality services for our clients and together we build the future of commerce.

We are dedicated through an innovation model to combine different methodologies focused on customer value.

Leveraging Exponential and Innovative Technologies as Business Enablers and Catalysts: AI, Cognitive Computing, and Devops.

Training and training center in perception of dangers and risks

We will create a Culture of Global Security uniting the different supply chains.

We take training and training in Industrial Safety to the next level, integrating:

System in charge of managing and monitoring the work of the assembly cells and the Tandem press through hardware and software controls in order to ensure customer quality standards, using validations of work tools.

It ensures the training of operators, the operation process, ensures that the correct material reaches the correct cell at the correct moment and shows the client’s requirements through work orders, prioritizing those where inventory status is critical.